Standing the Test of Time

When looking through the Smithers-Oasis archives, a collection of old product photos was discovered. Taking a second glance, the products appeared so familiar... and they should! It is amazing to see how many of our products are still around in their original form and have truly stood the "test of time!"

It was no surprise that the original brick of floral foam, named OASIS® Standard Floral Foam, is still around today. The product name may be different in other countries, but in North America -
a brick of OASIS® Standard Floral Foam then, is still a brick of OASIS® Standard Floral Foam today. Invented in 1953 and patented in 1954, this product celebrates 57 years with the company!

The #5 O'Bowl and foam cylinder insert was introduced in 1957 - incredibly 54 years old, it is still a staple in florist shops today.

Launched in 1958, the O'Dapter, created as a design accessory for candle sticks and small-neck containers, was then packaged and sold for $1.00 to the consumer, including the floral foam insert.

Celebrating 42 years young, OASIS® Floral Adhesive may have changed its original "stylish" metal can a little, but the stuff inside still holds true!

With so many years of experience, time-tested products and consistent quality, it is no wonder that florists across the globe depend on OASIS® Floral Products as a staple in their shops. As a consumer, you want a florist who is not only creative, but reliable and professional. Every florist knows that OASIS® Floral Products are the best tools in the industry to provide their customers with the best floral designs!

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